Wishlist … the wedding band for people who don’t like “wedding bands”

Wishlist are not your average wedding band.   We take pride in being able to deliver something slightly unexpected and seeing your guests fill the dance floor all night.

We perform songs without the gloss and cheesiness that is so often associated with wedding bands.  Wishlist are a group of friends who love playing music together and really care about each performance.  Brides and Grooms regularly tell us how happy they are that they booked us over some of the more ‘mainstream’ bands available.

We are all accomplished players and singers, and use violin and keyboards to put our own stamp on each song, ensuring everything sounds unique and energetic.   Take a look at our videos to get a flavour of this 🙂

The set is a great mixture of tunes from the 60’s onwards – everything from Adele to Johnny Cash to James Bay and we avoid the clichéd songs so many wedding bands cling to.  Don’t worry about your aunts and uncles though – we do modern sounding versions of great Beatles / Elvis / Van Morrison/ Thin Lizzy tunes that everybody loves.

What makes us the alternative choice? We’re offering entertainment without cheese or a mainstream agency attitude.  You’ll work directly with the band from day 1- not a salesperson or assistant; and the band genuinely care that your evening is the best it can be.

We take pride that the majority of our bookings come from word-of-mouth referrals.   As well as regularly playing weddings, we play for corporate clients such as Bank of Ireland, KPMG, Temple St. Hospital, Woodies and have had the pleasure of performing at functions in Uganda, Croatia, Italy, UK, Portugal and many more places.

If you’re on the hunt for a live band that is fun, friendly, flexible and offers something slightly unexpected to your guests, then look no further…

Who we ARE:

  • an independent and organically formed group of friends
  • artists/freelancers with their hands in a bunch of creative areas
  • experienced and professional
  • flexible
  • refreshingly easy to deal with
  • interested in the detail of how you want your day to be
  • dedicated to performing music that sounds great LIVE and is different from mainstream wedding bands

What we’re NOT:

  • an agency farming out 6 weddings a weekend
  • a bunch of subs put together for a gig
  • cover band veterans
  • jaded
  • cheesy

Our package can also include a professional dj to continue the entertainment uninterrupted into the wee hours. With over 15 years DJ experience you’ll get the benefit of CD quality audio, professional lighting and a virtually unlimited music library guaranteed to keep your guests on their feet all night.

Contact us with any questions or queries … we’d be delighted to be a part of your special day.